Cutting glass, with no bloodshed!

My mini craft project to day was crafting a bottleneck slide from a recycled wine bottle, to use on my cigar box guitar.  I needed a stubby one to fit my hands and thinner neck width on the 3-string guitar.

My husband sent me this Make video link on how to cut glass bottles last night, and this method works beautifully!

I picked up a glass cutter today, a friend donated a bottle, and I got the kettle boiling.  I laid a dishtowel in the bottom of the kitchen sink, just in case of breakage.  I got a relatively clean cut, which I smoothed out with fine wet/dry sandpaper (used it wet).  Beauty!

So if you want to make a slide, or just pretty tumblers or a vase, I highly recommend Dan Rojas’ method.  Also, I dig the part of the video when his cat saunters into the view of the camera and he starts talking to it. 


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