Almost ready for Stitches South…

I’ve been dyeing up yarn all day to be sure we have plenty of goodies to bring to Atlanta for Stitches South next week. I’m so excited! I kept piling up fresh yarns until I ran out of room on the cooling racks, and dyed up plenty of skeins of new colorways.

Now on to washing, drying, and reskeining. Whew! I think for now it’s beer o’ clock.

Quick note, the KSD website is down temporarily (I hope!). I’m researching the bug and will try to sort it out tonight.


Been busy in the kitchen…

Cooking up new colors! I’m editing photos and updating the online shop now, so look for an announcement soon!

(Those oranges? I’m crazy about them. Crazy, I tells ya.)

Cutting glass, with no bloodshed!

My mini craft project to day was crafting a bottleneck slide from a recycled wine bottle, to use on my cigar box guitar.  I needed a stubby one to fit my hands and thinner neck width on the 3-string guitar.

My husband sent me this Make video link on how to cut glass bottles last night, and this method works beautifully!

I picked up a glass cutter today, a friend donated a bottle, and I got the kettle boiling.  I laid a dishtowel in the bottom of the kitchen sink, just in case of breakage.  I got a relatively clean cut, which I smoothed out with fine wet/dry sandpaper (used it wet).  Beauty!

So if you want to make a slide, or just pretty tumblers or a vase, I highly recommend Dan Rojas’ method.  Also, I dig the part of the video when his cat saunters into the view of the camera and he starts talking to it. 

Cigar Box Guitar

After the Smoky Mountain Fiber Arts Festival this weekend (more on that soon), Chris and I spent Sunday wandering Gatlinburg, TN. On a whim, we wandered into a mall that had some handcrafted arts and such, when we heard a great bluesy guitar sound. One thing led to another, and I left in possession of this little darlin’:

A cigar box guitar! Handmade by Roger Martin, playing here:

Roger makes and plays these, beautifully on both counts. We stayed and talked for at least an hour after I had bought my guitar, listening to Roger’s stories and chatting.

This cbg is fretless, so I’ve been playing with a slide. I’ve been practicing, but a long way off from a sound I’d care to share (inflict?). And then there’s the fact that I don’t currently read sheet music, but I won’t let that spoil the fun. I’m in love with this little homegrown instrument, and the long history of cigar box guitars.

Anyone play one? Thoughts? Tips?

Make your own custom knitting needles

Martha Stewart Living has a great project post on making your own custom knitting needles. 

While hardcore knitters might scoff at the idea (stainless steel built for speed, bay-beee!), I think this would be an awesome project to do with kids.  The tools are pretty safe, with the exception of the epoxy to attach the button needle stops (you do that part, K?), and you get to paint the needles with acrylic paints before sealing with butchers wax, so I can imagine all sorts of fun kid art decorating these needles.  Try a 1/4" dowel and worsted yarn for a start-to-finish scarf kit.

Woke up to find this pretty thing…

One of my orchids (Zygopetalum cross) in bloom!

More eggs!

So following yesterday’s post on Pysanky, I stumbled across the Ukranian Easter Eggs pool on flickr, full of amazing eggs, both traditional and modern.  I love esmecats’ flame egg!